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TurboDrop Nozzles for TURF

TurboDrop® Asymmetric Dual Fan Nozzle for TURF (TDAD)

Description: TurboDrop® Asymmetric Dual Nozzle for TURF

Introduced in 2006, the TDTW TurboDrop® TwinFan nozzle became our most popular air injection nozzle for turf due to its unique combination of contact coverage and drift control. The twin fans cover both sides of the leaf blade for improved coverage with contact fungicides, plant growth regulators, etc. The air filled droplets resist drift due to their uniform size.

The new TDAD incorporates all of the features of the TDTW, with the additional advantages of being able to tolerate wider variations in boom height. The dual fans are oriented 10° forward and 50° backward to improve pattern distribution as the spray boom moves anywhere from 12” to 22” above the turf. Across this range, there is less than 5% variation in spray distribution across the length of the boom.