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Greenleaf TurboDrop Nozzles

TurboDrop® Asymmetric Dual Fan Nozzle for AG (TADF) 

The new TurboDrop® Asymmetric Dual Fan Nozzle (TADF) is designed to improve coverage on vertical and angular targets with contact chemicals.

TurboDrop ® Asymmetrical Dual Fan adds a new dimension to high performance spraying. Multiple spray trajectories aim toward the target providing a unique combination of coverage, penetration and drift control. Lower maintenance is another benefit: it has a difficult to plug and easy to clean Venturi air injection design. The TurboDrop® TADF has become the nozzle of choice for coverage critical applications with contact herbicides, insecticides and fungicides.

With single flat fan nozzles, the force from the travel speed of the sprayer deflects the downward oriented droplets forward in the driving direction. Coverage on the backside of the plant is minimized. The 50° rearward spray of the TADF is designed to overcome this effect and improve backside coverage. The 10° forward spray will provide a combination of penetration and frontside coverage.