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Boom Control

AccuBoom is an automatic ten boom section control system designed to assist operators by reducing waste and expenditures, lowering stress, and hands-off control. It does this by eliminating overlap in point rows and by creating no-spray zones for headlands and waterways. Raven’s SmartBoom is a simple “stand alone” automatic boom section control system that plugs into Raven SCS consoles. SmartBoom does not require a field computer and offers automatic boom section control for up to ten boom sections. This allows the operator to use a more cost effective method to reduce chemical and fertilizer costs. The SmartBoom system is similar to the existing AccuBoom system, but it is a completely self-contained system, eliminating the need to use an Envizio Plus or Viper to control the system. Using “spray” or “no spray zone” areas, the SmartBoom controller automatically turns the boom section off if the boom section is in a previously applied area, eliminating overlaps. It also eliminates skips by turning boom sections back on after leaving a previously applied area.