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5 Tips for reducing spray drift

One of the major problems challenging pesticide applicators is spray drift. Spray drift not only results in wasting expensive pesticides and pollution of the environment, it may damage non-target crops nearby, and poses a serious health risk to people living in areas where drift is occurring. 

Although complete elimination of spray drift is impossible, problems can be reduced significantly if you are aware of major factors that influence drift, and take precautions to minimize their influence on off-target movement of droplets. The factors that play a role in either the creation, or reduction of spray drift are: a) Spray characteristics, such as volatility and viscosity of pesticide formulation; b) Equipment and application techniques used for spraying pesticides; c) Weather conditions at the time of application (wind speed and direction, temperature, relative humidity and stability of air around the application site); and most importantly, d) Operator care, attitude and skill. Here are five cost-effective tips on how to minimize spray drift.

1. If you can, keep your nozzles as close to the target as possible while still producing a uniform distribution of spray on the target. This doesn’t cost any money as long as it is practical to make it happen.

2. When you’re ready to change nozzles, consider selecting nozzles that produce much fewer of the extremely small droplets that are most likely to drift away. Low-drift nozzles are in the market and do a tremendous job of eliminating extremely small, drift-prone droplets from the droplet spectrum.

3. There are chemicals sold in the market that are designed to increase the droplet size, and reduce the number of very small droplets when added into the spray mixture. Most of them are some sort of polymer that tends to increase the viscosity and density of the spray mixture, which leads to larger droplets. This, however, should be the last defense against drift. First consider the other option such as better targeting of the spray and switching to low-drift nozzles.

4. Use shields that cover partially or fully the distance between the target and the nozzles. There are companies manufacturing and selling such attachments to the boom. Shields prevent small droplets from moving away from the immediate application area. This, however may not be practical for sprayers with extremely large booms.

5. If there are any doubts about a spraying job that might result in drift, wait until there is no longer that element of doubt. Always pay attention to wind direction and magnitude. The best investment you can make is to buy a wind meter that tells you how high the wind velocity is at any given time. Having a wind meter handy will help you avoid a costly problem associated with spray drift.

More detailed discussion on these tips and other drift reduction strategies are outlined in following OSUE Extension Fact Sheets available online:

Originally posted by Ohio State University.

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Greenleaf EasyFlow Closed Transfer System Kit

The easyFlow is the first closed, contamination-avoiding and self-cleaning transfer system for liquid plant protection products from sealed or non-sealed small PPP containers enabling the user to do partial or complete dosing. The easyFlow system is designed to fulfill all standards of environmental protection and operational safety today and in the future.

In comparison to previous systems easyFlow combines following advantages in one compact system:

  • Non-spill connection with highest standards of user and environmental safety
  • Automatic relocking system to prevent unintended opening of the PPP container
  • Continuously adjustable flow rates, enabling exact transfer of partial container volumes
  • Rinsing of accessible parts in contact with Plant Protection Products (PPP) after partial dosing (adapter stays connected to the PPP container)
  • Fast and complete rinsing of empty plant protection product containers
  • No more contamination and cleaning of measuring jugs required
  • Easy installation on all sprayer tanks and on most chemical inductors

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Master MFG Gardener Rechargeable Cart Sprayer — 12V, 9 Gal

Master MFG Gardener Rechargeable Cart Sprayer

Master Gardener Rechargeable Cart Sprayer is a versatile multi-use sprayer that offers a spray width of up to 50in. with its front mounted broadcast nozzle. The powerful sprayer delivers up to a 15-ft. vertical and a 20-ft. horizontal spray with 18in. handgun. Rolls on heavy-duty 12in. wheels and can be pushed, pulled or attached to a tractor with the included hitch. Works as a spot or broadcast sprayer and is glyphosate compatible; also ideal for fertilizer or deicing sidewalks in winter. Includes a rechargeable 12V battery that provides 2 hour runtime, along with a 9-gallon chemical resistant tank and 1 GPM pump with Viton® seals. Dimensions: 24in.L x 19in.W x 24in.H.

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TeeJet Matrix 430 GPS Guidance System - NEW

Easy-to-Use, Low-Cost, Graphical Guidance System

GPS guidance is no longer too complicated or too costly. Easy operation and affordable pricing make Matrix 430 the best value in GPS guidance. An on-screen lightbar plus coverage mapping reduce skips and overlaps to maximize crop protection. Matrix 430 is a great upgrade from foam markers and lightbars for spraying and spreading.

Key Features:

  • Easy to install, easy to operate and easy to move between machines
  • Compact size allows mounting in front of steering wheel for easy viewing during field operation
  • Calculates field area, counts applied acres and produces Google Earth™ coverage maps
  • Provides warning sound when entering into previously applied areas

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MP FRX75 Self Priming Pump for low cost DEF Pumping

Looking for a low cost, high flow system for pumping DEF?  Take a look at the MPDEFKIT from Agrimart.net.  It features the MP FRX75 self priming all stainless steel pump with 12 volt motor.  Also included in the kit is a 3/4" x 12' GPI DEF fuel hose, and a 1" Banjo manual valve with spout.  With pumping speeds of up to 20 gallons per minute this pump makes filling DEF tanks on equipment very easy and quick.  Note that this pump will not work with automatic fuel nozzles as the pump will not build enough pressure to trigger the automatic kickout of the nozzle.

Follow this link to purchase now! 

See the picture below for the contents of MPDEFKIT:

Envizio Pro II by Raven

Looking to add guidance and rate control in one complete monitor?  Look no further than the Envizio Pro II field computer by Raven.  

Some of the highlight features of the Envizio Pro II include:

-Bright, non-glare 6.5" touchscreen

-Ability to be installed and used for guidance only or used for guidance and rate control

-Rate control on up to a maximum of 4 products

-Ability to do Variable Rate on up to 4 products

-Will control Liquid, Granular, and NH3

-Scaleable GPS: WAAS Standard, compatible with Raven GS Corrections, and RTK corrections

Envizio Pro II also works with the full line of Raven controls including:


-Smartrax & Smartrax MD


-SmartYield Pro

-Sidekick Pro

Raven also offers several adapter cables to adapt an existing control system that is controlled by any Raven SCS rate controller to convert to being controlled by the Envizio Pro II, without replacing all the cables.

For more information about the Envizio Pro II click the link below or contact us today!

Envizio Pro II by Raven

Safeguard Blockage Monitor By Micro-trak Systems

SafeGuard™ electronically detects blockages and alerts you with an Audible Alarm and a Visual Display of the blocked row's number. Reduce over and under-application, save money, and apply liquid fertilizer with confidence without having to watch flow monitors or outlets.

SafeGuard Console:

safeguard console2

Compact in-cab display that monitors, identifies, and reacts with lightning speed to immediately alert you to blockages.

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Actual User Testimonial:

"Last year (2013) after I installed my new "blockage monitor," it worked fine in the yard & was ready to go to the field. So when I got to the field, my very first pass the monitor went off telling me I had a blockage, I couldn't believe I could have a problem so soon, sure enough, I had an orifice plugged, I may have planted all day before checking flow again. So I unclogged the orifice & got back to planting, this time assured I was getting fertilizer to every row.

"The potential loss of crop from not having fertilizer to each row is just too great... now I have peace of mind."

Mike W. - Lawton, IA

Continental NH3 Anhydrous Ammonia Valves

Buying NH3 (Anhydrous Ammonia) agricultural products from Continental NH3 means you are buying quality, tested equipment. All of our products are made from extremely durable materials ensuring long lasting trouble-free service. We thoroughly test our anhydrous ammonia agricultural products, such as our safety relief valves and manifolds, before shipping to make sure they function properly and are leak-free. Now it is easier than ever to enjoy fast delivery of our equipment with our new increased inventory levels and our excellent distribution network.

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Raven Accuboom --- Automatic Boom Section Control

Raven Accuboom provides automatic boom section shutoff for self propelled and pull type sprayers.

Add Raven Accuboom to any sprayer with a Raven SCS spray controller, or a Raven Field Computer (Envizio Pro, Envizio Pro II, Envizio Pro XL, Viper Pro, Viper 4).  Note: if you just have a Raven SCS spray controller, you must add at least a Cruizer II to add Accuboom to your sprayer.

Accuboom provides the quickest return on investment of any aftermarket addition to your sprayer.  Eliminate skips, eliminate over application, which will help prevent crop damage & save on chemical, and allow for fewer passes through the field.

Ask us today how we can put Accuboom to work for you!

Raven Smartrax MD

Raven's Smartrax MD is a high performance, mechanical driven autosteer solution.  Smartrax MD fits a wide variety of applications, from small tractors, all the way up to 3 wheel floater type applicators.  It is very simple to install, and offers very quiet performance.  Raven Smartrax MD is also compatible with most all Raven Field Computers, and Raven Cruizer II only.  Raven Smartrax MD also provides 3D tilt compensation for increased performance.  This system is also capable of operating on WAAS, Slingshot or Satellite GS corrections, or RTK.  Contact us today for more details!

8 Management Practices For Spray Drift Control

Dr. Robert Wolf, Wolf Consulting & Research, LLC, Mahomet, IL, is one of the leading experts in drift management strategies. The past few years, Wolf has spent much of his time conducting the On Target Application Academy (with cooperation from TeeJet Technologies and BASF). 

In his training, Wolf offers a list of drift management strategies that he works from. Thus, here are eight best management practices applicators should follow to manage spray drift, according to Wolf.

  1. Nozzle Selection: The key with nozzle selection is finding a balance between drift reduction and maintaining maximum product efficacy.
  2. Use Lower Pressure: Wolf advises that using a drift reduction nozzle at low pressure (30-40 psi) can result in uneven spray patterns/coverage and recommends using air induction nozzles at pressures between 50-80 psi.
  3. Increase Flow Rates: The problem with using less water in applications is that it typically results in smaller, more drift-prone spray droplets.
  4. Lower The Boom Height: Wolf recommends applicators get their boom heights down to 24 inches, which he says “goes a long way toward reducing drift.”
  5. Watch Application Speeds: Wolf says many applicators are unaware that higher application speeds require higher pressure to deliver the correct volume.
  6. Avoid Adverse Weather Conditions: Wolf says an applicators best option is always to choose to not spray when environmental conditions are not favorable.
  7. Use Buffer Zones: The increase in different herbicides, coupled with label requirements, in the near future will make these more important for applicators to achieve proper on-target work. However, size could be an issue.
  8. Consider Other Technology Solutions: According to Wolf this could include the use of shields, air-assist or pulse-width modulation or drift reduction additives such as adjuvants.

By: Matthew J. Grassi |

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Raven ISOBus Product Control

Raven ISOBus product control is designed to allow a universal platform for control systems of any type to be run on. Raven offers 3 different kits, designed to plug directly into any system currently operated by a Raven Rate controller. The three options to choose from are 16 Pin (SCS440/450 cabling) 22 Pin (SCS460/660 cabling) or 37 Pin (SCS4400 Cabling).  Raven ISOBus product control will control NH3, Granular or Liquid control systems.  Raven ISOBus systems can be added to existing systems to replace an existing controller (SCS440/SCS450/, etc, etc) or be added to a brand new application.

Raven ISOBus product control can be used on any one of the following Virtual Terminals (VT):

John Deere 2600 (limitations apply, ask for details)

John Deere 2630

Case IH Pro 700

New Holland IntelliView 4

Raven Viper 4

Full function of automatic section control, variable rate application, is available on most of the VT's listed above.

Some requirements must be met for Pro700 to be fully functional.  Owner must have the Virtual Terminal and TASC Controller unlocked in the Pro700 prior to installing a Raven ISO product control system.  Unlocking these 2 items is performed by your Case IH dealer. 


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Buy Storm Team Plus™ Liquid Ice Melt

Storm Team Liquid Ice Melt and deicer is environmentally friendly snow and ice melt chemicals with special inhibitors designed to quickly melt ice or snow when it comes in contact. Easy and safe to apply and when used properly it melts existing ice and snow immediately on contact. Helps prevent ice from bonding and sticking to surface if used prior to storm.

Storm Team Plus™ features slow down evaporation, lasts longer & works for extended periods of time. Excellent for use as pre-treatment with results varying depending on accumulation (as with all liquid melting agents). It's made with special rust preventatives to be effective in freezing and sub-freezing temperatures.

Quickly eliminate ice buildup now!Storm Team Liquid Ice Melt Features:
• Save on labor with this fast acting non-toxic liquid ice melt
• Biodegradable, non-tracking, non-damaging, & non-staining
• Not flammable, non-corrosive & has a neutral pH
• For emergency or general uses
• Eliminates Rock Salt and Chloride Damage
• Environmentally Safe; Readily Biodegradable

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New Supplier: BE Pressure Supply Portable Generators

BE Pressure Supply offers a full line of industrial power equipment including cold water pressure washers, generators, water pumps, and pressure washer accessories. Accessories include flat surface cleaners, extension wands, waterbrooms, spray guns, nozzles, pumps, QC fittings, and more. 

BE Pressure supply is a 3rd Generation family owned business. Starting in the agriculture equipment business back in 1969 Braber Equipment made a bold move from the wholesale agriculture market in 1991 and started BE Pressure Supply, a manufacturer of pressure washers.

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Hypro Sprayer Pumps

For today’s machinery and tomorrow’s demands, Hypro pumps, liquid handling systems, spray tips, and boom components deliver the power and precision required for the many application needs of the agricultural and golf course turf management markets.

With the largest selection of pumps and liquid handling systems that vary in size, capacity and materials, and a broad range of spray tips and boom components that utilize the latest in air technology to manage coverage, uniformity and drift, Hypro continues to lead the industry developing innovative application specific products. From traditional insecticide, herbicide, fungicide, pesticide and liquid fertilizer application, to non-traditional applications such as forestry, pasture, vineyards and fence row spraying, Hypro products and solutions enable growers worldwide to improve productivity and profits with high-quality products, on-time delivery and superior service.

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