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TeeJet Sprayer Tips

 Questions? View the TeeJet Nozzle Selection Guide.

Broadcast Sprayer Tips - Nozzles used for typical broadcast applications using a boom type sprayer. These nozzles normally have tapered flat spray patterns that overlap one another along the boom structure.
Boomless Sprayer Nozzles - Nozzles used for applications where a typical boom structure is not used. These nozzles normally produce very wide spray patterns.
Banding Sprayer Nozzles - Nozzles used for applications where specific area or band requirements are needed. These nozzles normally have even spray patterns.
Specialty Nozzles - Nozzles typically used in different types of applications; such as orchard and vineyard spraying. These nozzles are normally rated to be used at higher spraying pressures.
Fertilizer Sprayer Tips - Nozzles typically used in the application of liquid fertilizer. These nozzles normally produce solid stream patterns.