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Grain Moisture Testers


From truckload to truckload and farm to elevator, you rely on consistent moisture measurements for confidence in your yield. Only one grain moisture tester on the market can offer the reliable, elevator-like readings you need to ensure that a good season is a great season for the bottom line. When it all comes down to one number, be confident. Test with DICKEY-John.

Powerful DICKEY-john Grain Moisture Testers for sale deliver accurate, reliable readings quickly. Choose the ideal products and accessories for your business.

DICKEY-john has been revolutionizing electronics for more than four decades. Customers look to DICKEY-john for market-leading monitors, controllers, grain moisture testers, ground speed sensors, and a variety of other systems used in agricultural, public works, and analytical markets.

The concept is simple: harvest crops with optimal moisture content, and save thousands on elevator drying costs while avoiding bushel reduction from damaged seed. The process of achieving optimal moisture, however, can be difficult without accurate moisture testing. If a grower’s estimate is off by only a few tenths of a percent, the added costs can take significant bites out of profit.

Thanks to modern advances in agricultural technology, growers can utilize precision grain moisture meter analysis directly on their farms and even in their fields.